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(682) 429-4637

24 Hour Newborn Care
Dallas Fort Worth TX

We are  like the modern day baby nurse or overnight nannys without the medical training. We do have extensive training in infant care with high certification credentials. Our newborn care specialists (NCS) are individuals trained and skilled in newborn care. They have expertise in all aspects of newborn care while providing support and guidance to the parents. They are knowledgeable in breastfeeding and formula, setting a schedule, sleep training, interpreting baby’s needs, types of diaper rashes and how to treat them, cord care, circumcision care, colic, reflux, swaddling, soothing techniques, ailments, newborn safety and complete baby basics. We all have experience with preemies, multiples and special needs babies too and focus on baby care while moms and dads sleep and should you need 24/7 or overnight care we will be happy to assist.  Industry guidelines are always followed.