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Who is Webabymomma?

Cheryl Abrams

Cheryl is a compassionate, dependable certified doula and newborn care specialist, AKA (Night Nanny, Baby Nurse), offering 24 hour care, VBAC and labor support. Cheryl's experience as a doula started  when she worked as a night nanny . She soon after took  birth and postpartum doula and newborn care training, childbirth educator training, lactation educator, and sleep consultant training. She has more than 20 years of experience. She is also a Licensed Cosmetologist and a gourmet cook serving the Dallas Fort Worth area by offering nutritious and quality meals to birth families.  Every time she tells people what she does  they say "Where were you when I had my baby"?  Cheryl can assure parents that she and her team of doulas, NCS and RN's are well-trained and certified to help you transition to one of the most exciting phases in a woman's life: motherhood. 

Our main concern is to make sure that we are able to help mothers and their entire family transition and become educated about the importance of this stage in  life. From the beginning of pregnancy to post-pregnancy, We Baby Momma can and will be there to assist you. 

We have various care services that each of our doulas can provide. We can be your birthing coach during the time you are in labor to help you deliver your little angel. We can also be beside you after birth to help and assist you in caring not only for your newborn but for your own well-being as a mother too.
So, we offer birth support , POSPARTUM SUPPORT , breastfeeding and newborn care.  Of course, if this is your second or third time, we also incorporate the other family members in the process so they understand how to incorporate this little angel in their life as well. 

Taking care of the baby is equally important as helping mothers adjust to having this new life with them as first-time mothers or re-adjust your lifestyle with having another baby in your family. 

If you want to speak to Cheryl about the services, feel free to call or email her and she will gladly walk you through the steps on how they can  serve  you.