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(682) 429-4637
Antepartum Doula
Dallas TX

Hear what Ashley is saying

Your Bed Rest Best Friends.
Mom's when your Midwife or Doctor puts you on bed rest before your baby is born because you may be at risk and they give you the option to stay home and not the hospital. Please give us a call, we know we can help.

Did you know that antepartum care is covered by most insurance companies. Wouldn't You Rather Stay At Home Anyway?

We Baby Momma's philosophy is taking care of the needs of the newborn mother so she will intern will take care of the needs of her baby and family. Many women are overwhelmed with taking care of her existing family and if you have to be placed on bed rest, this will add morr stress.  By hiring a postpartum doula, we take care of the day-to-day operations of the home so you can rest.

We will take care of your day to day needs like:

Delivering business correspondence
Dry cleaning (pick up and drop off as well as manage items)
Grocery shopping (keep inventory of items and make list each week)
Mail and ship items
Educate Family Members
Return items to various stores
Drop off and pick up items at various repair shops
Light Housekeeping:
Clean and organize food/produce purchased
Weekly laundry (kitchen towels, rags, dog bed)
Fold clothes as requested
Hand wash dishes, run dishwasher
Maintain clean kitchen area (stove, sink, microwave, refrigerator)
Prep food for cooking and/or cook/bake a few items weekly as directed
Assist in meal planning for child and/or family