We Baby Momma!
"As If You Were Our Very Own"

Congratulations! you are having a baby or has the little one  finally arrived? Meeting your baby for the first time is wonderful!
With the right support, knowledge, and preparation, the birth of your baby(s) can be an exciting adventure! Our doula services can provide you with all of those things!

We Baby Momma will be with you every step of the way. Our doula services will help you pick the right specilist  to help you throughought  motherhood and beyond. You pause and ask, doula what?
Doulas such as We Baby Momma's experienced birth companions are trained to assist another woman in various stages of her child rearing. They are with you before the time you give birth and after for your postpartum stage.

Our exceptional training and skills such as birth doulas, postpartum doulas, newborn care specialists, breastfeeding educators,night nannies and Pediatric RN's  will help not only you as the newborn's mother but we also extend our care and support to the rest of the family. For first-time parents, this is a challenging, happy and scary time for you and your husband. We at We Baby Momma understand it can be hard which is why our doula services will make sure that your feeling of uncertainty and postpartum fears will be erased.  

We will help you to have that confidence that you can provide the best care for your newborn. Yes, you may have read a lot of books, probably including the dummy book on how to raise a child, but our doula services will give you the proper guidance on how to be available and ready for your baby when he wants to be fed and changed.

Now, if you are not a first-time parent, we salute you for having had the courage and capability to rear the child on your own. Your experience will help you to raise this new addition to your family. Our role in your new family dynamics is to be your other arm in helping your eldest child to understand and welcome his little brother or sister into the family with open arms. 

We can assure you that with us as your companion, your first six to eight weeks after childbirth will be a breeze.

Wе Ваbу Моmmа sеrvеs thе surrоundіng  Dallas    аrеаs аnd thе аrеаs оf,  Park Cities , University Park , Walnut Hill  Fоrt Wоrth, Νоrth Rісhlаnd Ніlls, Lеwіsvіllе, Нurst, Еulеss, Веdfоrd, Ѕоuthlаkе, Κеllеr, Наslеt, Ѕаgіnаw, Grареvіnе, Соllеуvіllе, Arlington Тrорhу Сlub, Rоаnоkе, Wеstlаkе, Dеntоn  Dесаtur, Albuquerque New Mexico , New York City and Philadelphia PA .
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