Postpartum Wellness Specialists

How We Support The Postpartum Mother

Our practice is supporting postpartum women who may find  life challenging after the birth of their baby. For some mothers, the joy after you deliver your baby may take an unexpected turn. Many moms feel depressed for reasons unknown. If you had your baby more than three weeks ago and you are still feeling anxious and low-spirited, contact a health provider that specializes in postpartum depression NOW . Your health and wellness is our number one concern. If you don't know of any we would be more than happy to direct you to some of the finest therapists in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

How I Work Together With Your Specialist

I am quiet postpartum doula who is non-judgmental. I offer emotional and practical support following the birth of your baby. My work is all about empowering you and your family to take care of itself as I facilitate this by offering encouragement and suggestions as well as providing a supportive home environment to enable you as a mother to develop your own mothering skills in a relaxed and stress-free manner.

We Baby Momma is a concept of taking care of the needs of the newborn mother so she will intern will take care of the needs of her baby. Many women are overwhelmed with taking care of her existing family. If she just had a baby she should focus her attentions on (the new baby).  By hiring a postpartum doula, we take care of the day-to-day operations of the home. We will take care of your day to day needs like:

Delivering business correspondence
Dry cleaning (pick up and drop off as well as manage items)
Grocery shopping (keep inventory of items and make list each week)
Mail and ship items
Educate Family Members
Return items to various stores
Drop off and pick up items at various repair shops
Light Housekeeping:
Clean and organize food/produce purchased
Weekly laundry (kitchen towels, rags, dog bed)
Fold clothes as requested
Hand wash dishes, run dishwasher
Maintain clean kitchen area (stove, sink, microwave, refrigerator)
Assist in meal planning for child and/or family